Bedford & Company is the floral design studio of Sarah Bedford in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

By Appointment.

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Weddings and Events

Everything lush and fabulous, excluding dappled light and rays of sunshine.

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Custom Arrangements

Exquisite floral settings for showrooms, boutiques or private residences.

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The process is very hands-on: We get the best flowers from a variety of vendors and make a trip (or two) to the flower market with you to discuss everything from vases, ribbons and tables to decor, lighting and installation. Typical scope of work involves consultation, flower sourcing and prep, and event delivery and installation. Please click here for our Event Questionaire. 


& Private

We do weekly and bi-weekly installations for hotels, showrooms, boutiques and private residences, as well as editorial styling, priced according to scale of installation and quantity of arrangements.


Individual consultations at a venue, flower market or elsewhere are welcome and billed at a reasonable hourly rate.

{718} 383-6214  | sarah {at}  |  blog

Sarah Bedford brings a broad range of experience and personal vision to floral design. A painter by trade, her arrangements reflect the informed vision of an artist who intuitively mixes a love of color, nature and sculptural forms with a uniquely personal touch.

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{718} 383-6214  | sarah {at}  |  blog